A poem: chainsaws

Compared to the mood I’m in

Dude I’ll finish off the gin

To cope with the rude things they think

I’m a dope for all the ways I intrude in with these sins

For days, for ages

For ways , my shame, only enlarges

It Cages, me into an ageless, name

A sageless prime

The rhythm of the rhyme

In prison for a long time

I let go of attachments

I’m out that mental department

Looking for a departure to a new apartment

New compartment

Of my life

I find my wife

My blithe



Carved with knifes

I’m not asking them to mourn me

But through all these apologies

I’m filled with thorns, prickers, adjourn, at court, only become sicker

The mental system

Has a way to not listen

To the rhythm

Of this reason

For there’s too many people that were grieving

Just deeper we’re needing

A change of focus

Like we’re swarmed with locusts

But out pops the crocus

After we get through the circus

We spark this hocus pocus

In the dark the smoke we took it.

In what we wrote we look just

A little better before

But it’s progress not perfection that is sure

But move on we have an obsession with what’s pure for these girls and boys who carry swords. My rap styles vary but I’m sure. It’s this or. Nothin. What’s this I’m loving something. Someone. Lust divine it’s known to run. Away to another place nearer to the sun. On a mountaintop near the equator. Don’t stop for the haters. But I stop for a fast skater or a roller blader. Or a car or biker. Don’t go far in liFe or. I go to the mall or rikers. Island. Just styling on the far out sniper silents. In the silent night. I bring this fury. In this rhyme of delight. I’m sure it’s surely. Alright alright. It’s time it’s just a story. Just a story?? Sounds like an odyssey. To me. A god in me. Is free. Now I’m at my knees. Praying to lord geez. Us Christ oh please. Give me salvation. Give me me. Give me a Dalmatian and a lawn with a bunch of trees. I’ll never cut them down. Because I hate the sound. Of chainsaws.


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