A Poem: Book

I might write a book,
It would be a fascinating read,
But nobody would buy it,
Fortunate, as fame scares me.


May I read it for free then?
I won’t tell a soul :shushing_face:


Are you sure? You might find yourself in a courtroom giving classic lines like: “Why would I lop off my fingers at a age of 50?`” (Johnny Depp quote)

It wouldn’t surprise me if they make a movie about the trial.

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Good one , everhopeful.

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No poets words ,or written verse, for the dumbest of men, for when we talk, a foot comes out and kicks us in the chin. Poem by me


The parts of the autobiography I lack is the happy ending, sex, a real relationship, spouse, kids, a good job, and stories of driving around. Otherwise it’s all there.

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