A Poem: Bait

I am


isn’t everyone over 40? :smiley:

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Just promise you won’t go out and buy a fancy sports car, start jelling your hair, audacious clothes, and try dating a 22 year old named Trixy.

I would hate to see you go into crisis mode.


And on the flip side, divorced ladies have always been kind to me. :wink::yum:

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I fear if I get married I’ll get divorced eventually.

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That’s what the poem is about. I’m just divorce material not marriage material !

I feel like I am being baited all the time by the beautiful men who drive past me. If you are going to leave your wife, do it in grand fashion. Not with me! I’m washed up! :joy:

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@everhopeful thoughtful poets like you are never divorce bait!

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You will get divorced by 5 women and they will owe you money. This happened in russia if you remember.

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