A Poem: Attractive

I remember when I thought
A partner could save me,
But the “save me” look
Never was very attractive.


I don’t think my potential partners would save me even if I were drowning :joy:

Just kidding. SOS :sos:

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I remember being on a desperate search… I was like a missile without a guidance system. Fortunately I landed in a field with a cow in it. And she deserved everything she got. :cow2::boom:

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Yes. I was way to needy to be considered attractive.

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I found it to be switched a little bit.

“Attractive people can afford to play the “save me” card”

A hot bad boy who women think they can change him. Or a woman in a tough spot that plays “Pretty woman” and a man wants to save her because she’s hot and he might have a chance to pants off dance off with.

They can get away with it, and there is no shortage of people willing to take advantage of others by doing it.

Good one E.H. Made me think.

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Yeah I’m wary of being too much of a “save me” type.
But as I grow older the loneliness is becoming more profound.
I have as many excuses to remain alone as there are shells in the sea
But is that how I really want to be?
No it’s not attractive to have little more than the clothes you are wearing
And a wallet full of Washingtons
But when you are no longer talking about having kids
And the cool things that you did in school
Could companionship someday be
The only thing that matters?


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