A Poem: Arriving

Finally stable at 51,
It’s like arriving late
To a meeting
About your future.


If I may, if you squeezed in the expression ‘half past’ it may be a improvement and even more bruising!!

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Could never do what you do; pulling succinct stuff out of the ether, and from scratch. ; )

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What did you start doing differently to become stable?

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Quit coffee basically.

I only have 1 spoon of instant coffee a day now.

That seemed to be a big piece of the jigsaw for me.

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How much did you use to drink? I use to drink about 5 - 10 cups of coffee a day but then gave it up too.

I was the same, about 5 cups. I think I’m just a really slow metaboliser of coffee.

I drink Hot Cocoa (no sugar) now. Seems to help my brain in the same way the coffee did but without the jitters and caffeine withdrawals, I use to get from coffee.

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I can’t handle coffee. It evaporates reason from my mind and I end up making a lot of bad decisions for myself. It’s just ashame it took like 20 years to make the connection.


Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland -

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