A poem about someone I knew

she treats lasses like asses
and was sent to a doctor who had gases
she wonders if she ever passes
or if she depends on just putting people in trances.

she was quietly very manipulative. I’m still in her cage.


Maybe I should stay off the forum. I’m already back to being negative and rejecting.

I think the only reason im on tinder is so i can reject people in bulk quantities. It feels good.

It does feel good to let negative feelings out. It hurts so nice. Otherwise I am numb. But society frowns.

Another reason that I feel bad when I get angry is that I can be off target. In other words, someone not responsible becomes the victim. And that’s not good.

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Usually i become the victim

Right. In that case, both parties are victims. Sheer aggression backfires on people.

Once had love, it was a blast,
Soon turned out - had a heart of glass.

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Does that mean you could see through it or that it shattered?

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