A pleasant surprise

I laid down for a nap at 4:30 pm Sunday. I had pulled an all-nighter on Saturday so I was especialy tired. I woke up awhile later and tossed and turned and stayed in bed a short while longer. I got up and looked at the clock and it said 6:30. I was hungry so i went to the kitchen but I was stil a little groggy.
I work Mondays and I wasn’t sure if I had taken a 24 hour nap or if it was still Sunday. I was kind of thinking more that it was Monday morning and I fixed myself breakfast and thought I would take a shower and leave for work. But a part of me was still not sure what day it was. The only way to tell was looking at the time and date my computer. And I discovered it was still Sunday! Oh man, it was the greatest feeling. So now I have all the rest of tonight to relax. I love it when this happens.


Wow. I hope it goes well for you!


I love it when you get confused about the time, and when you check it turns out to be better than you’d hoped.


Life is all about small victories. Like when I find a 10 in my jacket pocket.


Mate sounds good. I once had two weeks off and totally lost track of time. Thought this is too good to be true so rang work…I was supposed to be back at work that night!! Hahah. My bad. I did have an RDO owed to me so it wasn’t a drama …but I still wonder what would have happened if I didn’t turn up!


Oh, I just remembered I have counseling in 90 minutes . . .

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I remember going to sleep in 1987 and waking up refreshed a year later… :drooling_face:

Hey but it’s normal for a 4 yo to sleep before midnight even on New Year’s eve.

I use the Cozy family calendar. It reminds you of appointments


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