A Play: Dust (Act 1(Scene 1))

(Helen is a woman who simply wants to dust.)
(Ma is an avid non-duster.)

Ma: Have you been dusting? You know this family doesn’t dust.

Helen: But Ma, what’s so wrong with dusting? Becky dusts. Cindy dusts. Even Jimmy dusts.

Ma: Jimmy dusts? What is this world coming to?

Helen: You know I’ve always loved to dust. I can’t help it. I’ve even fantasized about dusting. Probably came out of the womb with a duster in my hand.

Ma: For the last time: This family doesn’t dust. We didn’t dust yesterday. We’re not dusting today. And we won’t be dusting tomorrow. It’s what we don’t do. Dust.

Helen: Becky has been dusting her whole life. She can pick up a duster whenever she feels like it–without an insecure mother throwing a fit.

Ma: Stop talking crazy.

Helen: Oh, I’m crazy. Do you want to know what’s crazy, Ma? I’m 55 years old and I still can’t dust. That’s crazy. I’m leaving.

Ma: Helen, get back here…


Helen: No, you must give me permission to dust.

Ma: I’ll think about it. The place is spotless as it is. We cleaned up the place yesterday, the whole nine yards.

Helen: Lies.

Ma: You must understand that dusting is a serious business. The best of the best can only do such a thing. You need to practice. But not now. I’m busy cooking dinner.

Helen: Why not teach me ?

Ma: Like I said, it is a very important art form. You must be ready. Ready for whatever.

Helen: Ma, I’m ready…


Nice play can’t wait to see more

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