A place to vent

I post a lot of negative post on here but here’s a positive for once. I like this forum, for the simple fact that i’m not a person who would talk about how he’s feeling to anyone… I would rather keep it all bottled up. This leads to a lot of built up hate, hate that I would need to let out. In the past I would end up doing something stupid to get a release, now I just get on the computer, go to the forum, and make a post. Even when its bad I usually get a good answer or two and sometimes that satisfies me. Even if i’m wrong about something but I feel like i’m right, I get to see multiple perspectives on the subject. Basically what i’m saying is i’m happy I found this forum, and a place where I can vent.


I too use this site as a place to learn small talk… vent… get perspective… run an idea by anyone in the same boat…

I’ve found a lot of encouragement on this site. I’m glad it’s helping you.

haha sorry “a place to *vent”

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My favorite line when I’m in a rant is…

Thank you… I will have a double VENTi

or Yes… I would love some WHINE with my cheese.

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