A place in the morning

Today was a quiet morning, sitting on the bench on the beach and watching the view. Fresh snow had snowed over night, only heard birds and waves, soon all ice has melted, it is the spring again.


mj…cool picture…:alien:

How is there a neat rectangle of cleared bench? I enjoy your silent pictures.

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Box was sitting there maybe?

Or a mat or newspaper left there intentionally?

I don’t know if intentionally but I’ve left boxes out on the curb for trash and they tend to leave an uncovered spot when it snows.

Somebody sat there in this morning before I did, this is why there is a rectangle.

I like that your guess comes from your own experience.

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Maybe they put something down to sit on. Not a lot of people are shaped like a perfect rectangle. Or maybe they had an ice scraper

Snow is very light snow and I am sure that somebody just cleared a portion of this bench so that this person could sit down and enjoy the morning view.

The pictures and the view are very good.

A place to sit in the afternoon, watching cars and others passing …


Is this animated GIF?