A picture of a bad morning

This is what I wrote for my to do list when I woke up this morning.


Are you a power top or power bottom?

Teeee heeee heeee haa haa

The order is all wrong, here let me help you.

  1. Sonic the hedgehog

  2. Anime

  3. Violence

  4. Weight lifting

  5. Group project

  6. IRB Forms

  7. Bisexual escapades

  8. Final exam

  9. Brain damage

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  1. Anime

  2. Sonic the hedgehog

  3. Bisexual escapades

  4. Anime

  5. Bisexual escapades

  6. Weight lifting

  7. Bisexual escapades

  8. Anime

  9. Anime

  10. Anime

  11. Anime

  12. Bisexual weightlifting sonic the hedgehog anime escapades

Repeat cycle

Oops, forgot violence.

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Pans are you bisexual?



The act is not very desireable to me. Thinking about it makes me imagine bloody infant screaming fetuses coming out of people’s bodies, seems strange bad and disgusting.

Lol :laughing: that’s great!

I do like thinking of sex acts that make new sense though, the names would be funny.

Like mechanisexual, sex with machinery.

And financiasexual, sex with large piles of cash.


Vegesexual, sex with plantlife.


Geosexuality, sex with rocks and minerals.

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Nah, i actually do hate sex.

The first time was just disgusting, it didn’t make me feel good.

Second time the same.

Third time the same.

I hate having sex, it’s disgusting.

Sometimes I think that way. I see where your coming from. So you don’t even masterbate? Don’t lie!

I’m becoming Catholic, and they don’t allow masturbation! Maybe i should rethink this :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t watched porn in like two years.

I have to do that to make it go away sometimes, last time it was like two weeks.

It’s a mechanical urge to me, i don’t want to want it. It’s there very little but i don’t want it and wish i could simply turn it off.

You are a robot :interrobang: oh well more power to you.

I do at least every other day. But I’m only 31. so…I kind of do it, to make it go away too. So then I don’t think about sex.

You really are?

most likely yes.

Good for you!

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