A Physicist Has Come Up With Math That Makes 'Paradox-Free' Time Travel

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Ya, it’s called many worlds theory developed in 1950 and many people have claimed to be time travelers and whistleblowers have come forward. Just because they don’t report on it, doesn’t make it not real or true.

But good catch on the article. I love this stuff. Kudos, man!


No, this is new. It’s math proving that there would be no paradoxes. It doesn’t involve the many world theory at all.

Basically, if a paradox would try to occur the events just adust to create the same outcome no matter what.

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Ya, I read the article after. Interesting stuff. I tend to believe in MWT and not the others like copenhagen. Fancy math? From what I understand no paradoxes involved in mwt at all.

Hopefully I can learn something from the research paper for stuff because I hope to learn something interesting.

Doesn’t make it true though, but still interesting. I love time travel stuff regardless. We’ll know some day.

I am not interested in time travel, I have my current life and I’m content with it.


Just impossible.
Time is a fourth dimensional line (4D’), and one of many possible fourth dimensions. Its a sequence of tridimensional spaces in a line, creating time.
It is created by a inteligence that lives in a higher dimension than 4D’, and this is the only way we can enjoy things that are not completelly chaos.

About time travel: You would create another timeline, a time’ (like x’), lets call it that way. This way you would just travel back in SPACE and evolve together with those that travelled with you or you met on the way.
On a different time line, that resides paralel and not sequentially ordenated to the timeline you were traveling from.
The real complex theory comes from wether the vibrations on this time’ line are there or not, because you created them on the moment you started this new timeline. Nothing was there.
If you imagine this visually:

    2HGX (timeline you traveled to when in position 5 in spacetime)

123456789 (sequential timeline you originated from)
When in 5 you travelled back to 2 and created a edited timeline.
How could 2 know its past? Have memory? THIS is the real paradox. Grandfather paradox is solved by different timeline, real traveling to the past doesnt exist because it doesnt make ANY sense, physically speaking. My paradox is a little bit more complex.

Anything is possible.

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Technically were all time travellers. When we take an airplane across the world our time shifts lol.

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