A perspective

I popped on here a couple times. It seems like a very interesting forum. It’s really good to hear thoughts from like-minded individuals…

A few weeks ago I stopped taking anti-psychotics, and started on some natural treatments(gluten and casein avoidance, vitamins, oils, acids(amino, freeform…), environment changes, meditation and other mental changes…).
My thoughts started to become “explosive” again, but it was much different this time. I became aware of a mental and spiritual “center”. Even on the craziest days, I seemed to revolve around a feeling of peace, and I knew everything was a ok.
A few weeks later the thoughts are even more “explosive”. But I’m still fine.

Long story short, after tripping in a mental pit today, I seemed to somehow gravitate out of it by simply “thinking forward”, as if I’m the judge of myself and the people around me. I no longer saw through others’ eyes, and analyzed situations. I simply was. I saw. I thought. I took action. I felt. It felt good. For once, being my own energy, and owning that ■■■■. And more importantly, it felt right. It felt…true.

I’m sure many of you have read articles on schizophrenics having a faulty internal switch… something that keeps people from clamming up inside themselves, but instead expelling energy outward. I can’t remember the name of this… maybe they didn’t specify. Anyway, here’s my two cents. Anyway, the perspective has really helped me and maybe it can help someone else.


I don’t quite know what you mean by explosive. Do you mean uncontrollably strong so that you cannot quiet them if needing to, for instance, needing your mind for something or someone else?

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Yes, I would describe it as uncontrollably strong, more precisely, way too many.
In fact, physically, it feels like my head is exploding in a way.

Do you live alone? Do you encounter others enough to keep the give and take intact?

I don’t live alone, and the people around me know I’m schizophrenic. But they don’t seem to detect when it’s bad or not. I’ve conditioned myself to detect psychosis and other symptoms, and I get help if it gets bad.

Thanks for the reply, btw. :smiley:

Ok. I was kinda worried there until I read that you can recognize when it’s going to get bad and you know where you can get help!