A perspective on dealing with anxiety and negative symptoms

I have had terrible anxiety since I was 16. A lot of what I am going to say mirrors the solution of CBT and therapy with the added solution of making positive changes having personal goals, self-care, and daily exercise.

The cause of my anxiety was my failure to act to make changes and implement daily self-care. My anxiety was screaming at me daily to start doing something valuable with my time. I let myself become 250 lbs and I spent most of my days playing video games. I was able to achieve whatever I wanted in the video games, but until I realized I could achieve any reasonable goal in real life, nothing could change for me.

Negative symptoms, namely lack of motivation, are a hinderance, but the limitations are not as defined as you might think. I realized that it was far more painful to go on not improving myself and my habits than to actually start doing good things for myself.

Daily exercise is the gateway to all the other good changes you can make. Start small with 15-20 minutes of exercise a day walking or other light exercise just building a habit of physically getting to the gym and doing some activity. Before you know it you will be pushing yourself to do more intense exercise for longer. I started this way a couple weeks ago, and recently I was able to walk 3 miles, and if you exercise daily, this will lead to daily showers because you are going to sweat. I used to never shower because of the negative symptoms. It is a two-for-one because you basically have to shower after doing exercise.

Make some goals and use the myfitnesspal app to count calories if you want to lose weight. Hold yourself to the commitment to log your foods and do some form of exercise starting with light exercise until it becomes a habit. Just get yourself to the gym. Don’t commit to strenuous exercise yet. Take a rest day if you need to, but don’t let it turn into breaking of the habit.

The feeling that you have achieved something for yourself during the day helped me deal with my anxiety. Being addicted to my pain, my anxiety turned to different topics after this, but this is where talking to a therapist and family can help and you should ask for their advice and get things off your mind. Work on your new mindset by forgiving yourself and others through your thoughts often. List every single thing you are greatful for in life. Try praying to a higher power and believe the changes you ask for will be made and this will give you confidence to actualize positive changes.

Be your own hero in life. You are the protagonist. Your darkest experiences can break you or they can lead you into clear blue skies. You have to make the positive commitments to yourself. You have to try to create better thought patterns. After doing daily exercise for a while, you will think about what else you can do for yourself like brushing your teeth twice a day, daily meditation, yoga (yoga with adriene on youtube is GREAT for self-care and balancing your body where stress is stored) reading books, listening to audio books or learning through youtube videos, practicing skills, finding a creative outlet, etc.

The world is yours to master. Don’t let anxiety win. Make positive changes in habits, and I really suggest daily exercise. One will lead to another and you can be the hero. Don’t chase after fleeting pleasures too much, but allow yourself some of these in moderation. Seek lasting pleasures of goals realized. Work on yourself and your mental state. Refine your negative beliefs by seeking answers and new information. Make your life about self improvement, self-acceptance and self-care and helping others is key. Explore your spiritual side. This is my advice.

-Zach (Skatchatoon)

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