A Personal Observation / Moan

Not expecting a reply - but i need to moan.

Every bloody time i text my brother personal stuff like how im feeling and how mother reacts to us having relationships - hes straight on the phone grassing me up to her. Que angry bollocky phone calls from mum, saying why did i say that?

Why cant my TWIN BROTHER keep our personal conversations to ourselfs - without “reporting back” on every damn text i send!?

Ive already called him a damn mummys boy - but how would he like it? Ive decided im just gonna block the lotta them on my phone - cos he has the fidelity of a bent copper.

I dont tell my brother things just so he can go gossiping to mother. Seriously. Im done with them. Im better without there so-called “support” and will rely on my CMHT instead.

Thank you. (MOAN OVER) X

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It’s hard when you can’t trust someone that’s supposed to be close. Just don’t share anything with him anymore. IF he asks why, tell him! Don’t let it get you down,though. You have us.


Im sorry for having to moan, but bloody hell - you would think you could tell your own brother stuff in confidence without him causing drama in the family. :frowning:

Ive blocked the lot of them on the phone anyway - mother and her self-pitying is starting to affect my mental health. So sod the lot of 'em.

I know i got you lot here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and for that i am truly Grateful xx

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I hear what you are saying as it is the same situation between myself, my sister and our mum. It is infuriating when information is shared that you would have liked kept quiet. Remember, your mum is not getting any younger and her self-pitying ways may be due to, or exaggerated by her age. I also wouldn’t be without my only sibling in spite of our disagreements and arguments. She is the only person that has stuck by me throughout this whole schizophrenia journey.

The forum may be here for you today, but will they be here next week? It takes one wrong word or something taken out of context to provoke a gang mentality and for a person to be ousted. I believe I have read where your brother has helped you out financially in the past? What if you run into financial difficulty again - the forum can’t help you?

Have a short break from your family, vent here for as long as the forum members allow it and to your Mental Health Nurse. Life really is too short.


Thanks for the Good Advice. Ive slept on it and calmed down somewhat. I will have a break from them for a month or two i think.

Im aiming for a bit of a quiet life for a while, without family politics.


A break is as good as a holiday I think the saying goes. :smiley:

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Sorry Seth, it’s a change is as good as a holiday.

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Yeah - im having a holiday indoors away from people for a while lol :slight_smile:

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Yeah, @Sarah is right, don’t burn your bridges. A lot of times family will do stuff for you that no one else in the world would do for you.

Maybe the easiest solution is to be friendly towards your brother but simply don’t confide in him anymore about family issues.


@77nick77 I hear what your saying, but they are hardly supportive, and my brothers such a fcking mummys boy - he goes along with whatever comes out of her twisted mind.

Ive blocked them on the phone. I dont need the hassle.
I will “consider” phoning them in a couple of months time.

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“Everybody talks…bad” Neon Trees.

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