A patient advocate for my physical and mental health

I have my own patient advocate; she’s really nice though so far we’ve only communicated via e-mail.
My physical healthcare is free but subpar. I’ve had my GP (PCP) gloss over important details or not bother with things. She’s nice, I like her but sometimes if I don’t prod her with questions she tends not to be the best doctor I’ve ever had.

I got an advocate through my nephews company of all things. His company gives him the use of a health advocate for free to any family member. I had problems with my kidney and needed tests done. My PCP referred me to Stanford Hospital (a prestigious hospital) and I called them and they told me I couldn’t get an appointment until my doctor faxed my medical records to them. She made a mistake and the print in the fax was too small to read. This was back in March. Stanford told me to have her fax new documents but there was delays and mistakes and incompetency and laziness and I made a couple dozen calls to get the matter straightened out but the problems just went on and on.

The advocate stepped in and talked to my sisters and then me for information and called my doctor and she put pressure on her to do her job and soon I had my appointment though this was not until September, seven months after I was first referred. It should have taken a month.

Me and the advocate are on good terms and have exchanged many e-mails and not only is she always ready to step in if someone jerks me around but we talk about how we’re doing and small chit-chat.


Well I’m glad you have this nice back and forth with the advocate but my real question is what’s the deal with your kidney my brother?

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One kidney is a little damaged @Leaf. The doctor says it won’t get better but we can stop it from getting worse. Too much liquid for too long is the problem.


I’m sorry, I didn’t know that was bad for you.

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