A pastor gifted me a pack of Japananese cigarettes


Niceee bro!!! :sunglasses:

Pretty nice of him. I bet they are pretty strong.

I heard smoking is very popular in japan

A priest who smokes?

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No he doesnt smoke, he visits a lot of countries every year and buys some gifts for people


Lol - the warning label is bigger than the branding

What did you do that he is trying to kill you off??

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He remembers me very well since my mom does some favours for him and during summer i heavily attended daily masses

It’s an odd gift.

Happy birthday, I bought you some cancer!

Hope you like it.

I actually really appreciate it as a smoker, especially when you cant buy menthol cigarettes in EU anymore

I used to smoke menthols too. Vaping blackjack at the moment.