A paradox and a conundrum walk into a bar

I was having a bad day at work today, certain problems are coming up consistently and it’s depressing. It’s even more depressing because just about 7 or 8 months ago things were going smoothly. But lack of sleep and a difficult roommate and stress took their toll and I wasn’t functioning at work as I wanted to and I lost a few acquaintances at work.

But just to shift gears here. I was going about my duties today which is spending the whole day vacuuming offices and cubicles. And as the day went on good things happened along with the bad. I was thinking of these forums as I worked because I was thinking of when people on here sometimes say they hate people. I get that way sometimes but about two hours into the day it occurred to me that I was having this bad day but the thing that saved the day and made it a good day was: (drum roll) : people!!!
I was feeling bad but people kept greeting me and being friendly and asking me how I’m doing. And just those small gestures made my day bearable and got me on the right track. And not just people that I know were making me happy. Driving to work three days a week I sometimes get caught up in the little “dramas” that happen when the commute doesn’t go smoothly and you have aggressive drivers and other problems.

And I was driving and the usual teenagers were driving crazy all around me but I realized that some strangers actually try to help me and some even like me. Some girl went flying by me and distracted me and some guy behind her caught my eye as if to say, just ignore her, she’s just fooling around. I’m not describing it good but some people do actually try to help me and (dare I say it?) are actually on my side! Very few people I admit but it does feel good.

And I stopped at my credit union to pick up some rolls of quarters for my laundry and I was so tired but the young woman at the window helping me was helping me for a minute and then she “got me” and she understood I don’t want trouble I just want to talk and get along and she was really friendly and then I stopped and picked up some milk and another cashier was friendly too. And all these little interactions is what makes all the bull I go through every day worth it. So yes, some people make you miserable but it’s the good people out there who make the world go around.


I’m glad you allow yourself to open up to people. Being vulnerable requires courage. Many people go through life without opening up the windows of their hearts and minds to others. That is only being half alive. But, after we’ve been hurt badly, sometimes closing up shop is the only way to heal. But it needs to be only temporary.


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