A pain under my ribs

Like a ball that hides
Giving me tons of pain
What could it potentially be?!
I ask until I have enough money to afford a naturopathic doctor
Been to the emergency room more than a few times where they couldn’t find anything …
They advised me that I should join the waiting line to see a specialist that can take a year …
Unfortunately in a big city like LA
Medi cal sucks

Maybe you slept and your back got cold. That happens to me a lot, it causes deep pain you cannot say where does it come from exactly.

Steve Jobs had the money for one – it killed him.

Not true
You can’t make that claim

What do you take for dystonia?

He made the claim, he said he regretted not pursuing conventional treatments in time because the natural treatments were ineffective and the cancer got out of control. It was in the news before he died.

I don’t have dystonia at all. I’m on a minimal dose of Geodon with Amyloban to manage positive symptoms, which are currently in remission. It’s like I don’t have SZ.

I expect to have positive symptoms back by the end of next week as I have to visit my wife’s @#$%ing parents for the holidays. Stressful and triggering.

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I know someone completely personally who healed there cancer naturally…

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