A old friend

Hmm do you still remember me from a long time ago would you still believe in me after I left some time agomy heart goes outto those I do many years ago and now I find myself alone struggling with the bluesmy days are filled home all alone with little or nothing to do is not so much that someone has what does not have schizophrenia its how one’s life quality is for oneself that makes life worth living for many of us seeing the glass half full and half empty is not enough we wanted to be a whole new class one that is filled with something sparkling and clear and wonderful not the same old cold unwanted water with a bitter taste we long for something totally totally newmaybe if I passed wasn’t so under the bridge we wouldn’t feel the need for something new but I don’t think that’s something new is bad and I do believe that under the bridge is not good so where’d you meet in the middle to make life wonderful and fulfilling

Why are there no commas and full stops with your writing? If you are friendly and considerate towards people, you should make your writings easier to be understood. Just GIVE a little convenience to others.

I think you have to reach out to someone or something,and some days will be good, others will be bad. It is like that for everyone.