A Note To My Father


You never cheated on Mom, or raised your hand in anger…never drank much or swore very often…was always there for me through thick and thin.

Tomorrow we celebrate you…the most responsible person I’ve ever known…a wonderful Father and role model. I can only aspire to be half of all you were to me growing up…but I’m trying. And thank you for being the best Grandfather my little girls could ever ask for!

So Happy Father’s Day!

…with love from your son, today…tomorrow and always. :slight_smile:


I’m going to write all of this in a card and give it to him tomorrow. Dad is 81 years old, but still at the top of his game. He golfs, curls does all of the groundwork around his property…does all of the neighbour’s taxes…tutors all of the grandkids in math.

I want to tell him how I feel while he is still with us…not in the form of a Eulogy down the road.


Our fathers sound a lot alike :wink:. Yet we still both got sz and went through the ringer. Go figure. My dad suffered from anxiety while I was growing up and now takes lexapro but now I realize what a great man he is.

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I love my father, after all he went from being a factory worker shortly after his arrival in Israel to being
a university professor.
He also had the sense, that many immigrants from the disintegrating Soviet Union did not have,
to settle in the center of the country immediately upon arrival.
He also wanted and would have immigrated to the US, but my mother opposed this.

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My father had his demons (mostly alcohol), but I do feel he did the best he could. He was a great provider; I always had good meals, birthday and Christmas presents.

He had a tough life. He served in the U.S. Navy during WWII, and was a NYC police officer for 22 years. He was shot once and stabbed once, yet never fired his gun.

My father died 30 years ago. It still feels like yesterday. Tell your father you love him while you still have the chance.


This is the inscription on the Father’s day card I picked up for my Dad…

“Dad, you were my hero when I was a kid.
You had wisdom and patience aplenty
And while I don’t need you the way I once did
…you think I could borrow a twenty?”



This is card for me.


@anon68148378 betti ni de ye card…!!!

Yes @far_cry0. 15 15 15

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@anon68148378 betta khabi doc banega…!!! Bade

After 3 and half years. One year passed.

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Kiska doc banega psychatrist …???

No yaar far cry, it depends on rank of the pre PG neet ranking.

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