A night free

Qwertle is staying at my mothers tonight. I’m making the ost of it chilling out watching some TV. What are you guys up to.


Oo, kid free. I don’t know what that is like.

Waiting on my husband to get up so we can run get some stuff for dinner.

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What’s for dinner ? We had chilli.

We are planning another child. And if it happens we likely won’t get as much child free time. However that’s something we are prepared for. We just make the most of what we get now.

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I don’t know what we are doing for dinner
I wanted burgers.

Another kid. That’ll be interesting. Good luck!!

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Those nights are nice, but now that our youngest is 17, it’s happening more and more often which is actually sad. But I remember the rare free night I used to get. It was so nice. I would take a long hot bath and relax for the night

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