A nice motorbike

An old Harley Davidson … looks nice …


U live in a such a beautiful town…!!! Mj u must be happy …hahahha…!!

My hobby is to take photos of the results of other people’s hobbies, I like those classic cars and motorbikes, yesterday I took a photo of one motorbike produced in the 1950s.

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Here is one photo of one motorbike from the 1950s or earlier …


I’d love to ride both of those bikes around town.
Makes me want to go buy a battery to start by 2 bikes sitting in my backyard.
I miss riding them around.

Here is another nice Harley Davidson I saw today, looks nice …

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@Csummers you like this too, another Harley Davidson, looks quite nice …

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Is that a police ride …

It is just somebody’s Harley Davidson, it had the flag of Finland, it looks great, they ride these motorbikes until the end of August and then they store them over next winter somewhere.

I just viewed one article briefly, they, Harley Davidson, are cutting down their US production and moving it to Thailand, seems that the same thing is happening what happened to the US car makers earlier.

My brother had Harley Davidson’s in the past, me I like BMW’s - my ex still has his BMW R1200RT, which is what the Police ride now. I preferred the police on the Harley Davidson’s because they were so loud, they couldn’t sneak up on you. I ride a Yamaha TW200, and a Vespa GT250ie.