A new week Ahead

Have you got anything on this coming week?
Me I have to enrol at uni for second year


Dentist tomorrow at 9 am. Then off to talk with the psychologist at 12 am… so I’m hoping I don’t have any cavities. That would make talking with the psychologist a little awkward. Long time since I had cavities but I’m assuming you need a shot for that… idk

Every day is a one step closer…
To my exam. :confounded:

Have to see my mentor this week.

End of the month is always an exciting time.
August is the last of the warm months, I’ve been looking forward to winter since May.

New therapist wasn’t as helpful as I’d thought she’d be. Offered EMDR mainly. Neither of us are sure on the EMDR if helpful in my situation. She’s doing some research on it and going to talk higher up first. So may be a case of looking for a new therapist this week.

what’s winter like over there? here it’s pretty intense, snowstorms and -30, I have to say I’m a summer girl.

Hmm that’s pretty cold.

It might break 0 F at night some times. That’s -15 or 20 C

I’d rather layer up then sweat all day.

Both seasons have there benefits.

You have a lot of snow up there? It fluctuates quite a bit here. Not a constant thing to have snow around.

yeah it gets crazy. I don’t like to clean my car the most. driving in the snow is fine, wearing a lot of clothing is fine also and it’s a good excuse to drink wine all night but it gets freeeeeeeezing! But it is really beautiful and peaceful. I have to say. I have really large windows in my apartment and it’s so beautiful to watch the snowflakes :heart_eyes:

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I’ll probably spend this coming week the same way I have spent many previous weeks. I will go to day treatment. On Tuesday our group will go to town. I want to drink, but the only two stores in town that sold beer closed down. Probably a blessing in disguise. I’m considering buying yeast at the grocery store when we go to town and making my own alcohol. This guy taught me how. Sometimes I get bored with the routine, but it’s still not bad. I enjoy the small pleasures I get here. There’s a trail through the woods I can walk on. I get comfort from the company of the other sz’s. I enjoy buying my own groceries and getting the kind of stuff I like to eat. We only have a few groups to attend. There isn’t too much structure here. I like that.

Yeah traversing the storm to a gathering of friends.

Good stuff. Beer wine warmth. All made better in the winter.

Look for a job. Try to get started in my physical therapy. And all the usual junk that goes with living.

I want to finnd a great job. I feel much better already, my motivation is almost back. Hopefully in two months I can continue my life like a normal person.

I was supposed to attend community college but I decided not to. I really don’t care anymore. Maybe it’s the depression and maybe it’s the fact that I have to rely on my father for money. I also don’t think I should be doing it until I’m absolutely ready. I need to get my medicine adjusted first and get rid of my addictions. I would also like to lose weight. For now, I will just continue to finish my free, online finance course (only two weeks left) and maybe take a programming course in python through EdX (but it’s hard) or try something else.

good luck. I’m also going through med change. I’m pondering between web design or makeup. I’m gonna study either one or even both. As long as I have sanity. I haven’t taken money from my parents, for maybe 10 years. Do you think you could go on disability?

I’m on disability but it pays peanuts.