A new R'n'B Track "Unelmia"

I wanted to test out the alternative routing I once used, i.e. the FX Return 8 input and using the 14:2 mixers instead of the SSL.

I’m not sure but it sounds like that routing gives me a dryer sound than the SSL. Anyway, this track makes me wanna keep using this template more of now on. Finnish R’n’B “Unelmia” - hope you enjoy! :cool:




I really like it! Nice music and beat. Of course I don’t understand Finnish so can’t comment on the lyrics. The only phrase I understood was “Blah, blah, blah, blah” early on in the song. :smile:

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Thanks, I just worked for it for 24h and it was done. Finnish flavored for sure - these kind of songs are in in the karaoke bars here. Cheers!

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Really great job man! I was jamming out to that chorus, even though I didnt know any of the words haha

Im guessing you use hardware mixers and effects chains since I dont know what any of that stuff you said means

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I don’t use hardware mixers. I have an intel i7 @3.4ghz with 8g RAM. I have an audio interface, midi keyboard and a condenser mic + decent headphones and of course… powered nearfield monitor speakers. I meant the mixers inside my digital audio workstation software, which in my case is a Propellerheads Reason 10.4. - anyway, glad you got something out of my track. :slight_smile:

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Ah got you. Still new to producing myself, I’m just a noob who has FL Studio lol

I gather you know your stuff since your track sounds very professional and you seem to know a lot about mixing. What are the reasons (haha) that you chose Reason?

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FL Studio is totally fine as well. Anyway, I chose Reason in 2002, because my big brother heard about some band using it. But hey, it was totally basic back then, compared to what it became later on. So I’ve been using Reason for 17 years in row now. Before that I used Fruity Loops 3 and before that some really old midi sequencers. But it was good I was into it already in 1996, as I’ve grown up with all the new technologies.

Anyway, about mixing and mastering: I have put some time to my own Effect-chain and i’m using it for most things regarding mastering.


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