A new molecular target identified in depression may mean more effective treatment, fewer side effects



Thank you for posting @twinklestars !
This may be good news for people with depression.
In schizophrenia Lumateperone seems promising in terms of less side effects.


I read the article @twinklestars , i was hoping it would have a novel neurotransmitter target. But the gist i got was that it would just do the last step of what ssris do rather than the series of chemical steps ssris normally require. So same outcome, i am interested in future antidepressants cuz they may help relieve anhedonia. Some depressed ppl only have that 1 symptom but its one of two core features besides sad mood.

Iti 007 came about similarly. They just studied biomarkers of the current APs and created a drug thats a novel compound but would produce a similar result as Current AP biomarkers. Thats why i am not that excited about it. Just more crap


If you can target the signaling molecule, you could potentially avoid the side effects associated with targeting the neurotransmitter system.

But, this is a decade or more out, probably.

That’s interesting, I didn’t know the drug discovery process for ITI007.


But u dont get a new med, u just get the same crap with less side effects. Negative symptoms are a lot worse than side effects of meds, wish they would focus on that rather than trying to curb obesity. I guess if u have ED and treatable depression this piece of news would make u happy.

Its on the intracellular therapies website. Cuz the guy in managenent of that company was a nobel prize winner for designing a way to track certain biomarkers in brain. He is using this system to found his compounds. Something new, but not the answer most of us are looking for.