A new law intended to curb sex trafficking threatens the future of the internet

I like schizophrenia.com. Even Wikipedia is/was worried about the legislation described above, though. I wonder if the site owner has considered the possible impact.

"Without this clause exempting websites from liability for the actions of their users, most websites simply couldn’t afford to exist… The vast majority of the internet as we know it; all but a handful of websites run by tech companies with massive resources… would be unable to function under this kind of pressure.

Enter FOSTA-SESTA, which create enforceable loopholes in websites if they appear to be allowing prostitution advertisements. That sounds specific, but it’s not."

how is prostitution advertisement not specific?

I dont think anyone on here has advertised prostitution. even if it did moderators would just delete it.

I hope you are right, Wikipedia was wrong, and sites like this will continue to be able to function.

As far as why it’s not specific, that has been described and debated extensively, and can be researched if you are curious.

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