A new job turned my beautiful wife 'psychotic and delusional'

Mark and Giulia were living a comfortable life in San Francisco when a new job drove Giulia to a mental breakdown and eventual psychosis.



I read a good chunk of this story…

Seems to me like the gal had a job where she felt she had to appear young and hip with her co-workers, which just wasn’t in tune with her real age and life experience.

I can see how all of her fretting snowballed into a psychosis, though. She became overwhelmed with the smallest of details. What should have been number 1009 in the back of her brain became number 1 in the front all day long.

This gradual onslaught of insignificant minutia happened to me as well and precipitated all of my psychotic breakdowns.


It made me want to read the rest of the story.


It’s getting so bogged down in tiny, useless details to the point where you stop eating, sleeping, showering, going out…etc.

You become exhausted simply from overthinking and connecting random dots that have no correlation with each other at all.

Been there. Done that. Got the T-Shirt.

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Yup yup yup. And now you know exactly why I’m not a Fortune 500 Enterprise Network Administrator any longer (I think my last business card from Hudson said “Collaboration Platform Architect”). Kind of took a hint after being hospitalized for a serious suicide attempt that I don’t even remember making.

Being sane beats the pants off being wealthy.

Edit: My current job: Boss gave me crap for working too hard. Ordered to stop coming in early and working through lunch. Was told I’m more than productive enough during paid hours and I’m not to burn myself out. I respect the hell out of her – fantastic lady.


It’s so true. All of the money in the world is useless if you don’t have your mental health.

I’m paycheck to paycheck these days, but at least I’m back to normal. When I go crackers, I’m all in. There’s no half way about it.


My doctor told me I was suicidal and I know I have never been. My sister had a similar situation with a nurse telling her she was suicidal. Yours may have been real but the staff has never been to honest or professional in my experiences. Sad but true.

LOL SMH.com.au. Smh the sydney morning herald

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Trust me, you know when your stomach has been pumped. They aren’t exactly gentle about inserting the equipment needed when they’re in a hurry in an emergency department. Pretty sure they just don’t do it for fun.

The extremely pissed off wife was also a good clue that something was up.

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Sounds pretty real to me ,but sometimes the staff can be very unprofessional.