A New Job For the Mentally Ill in the US

With the glut of jobs in the US and the crackdown on illegals a new job has been created specifically for the mentally ill until the next recession. It’s shoveling the bullpens on US farms. Somebody’s got to do it.


haha. I’d flag this as being too political but I think your closer to the truth than you think!

Q. How do you get all these middle class kids addicted to heroin into the drywall labor market? Just curious!

Obviously you’d have to give them no choice in the matter or offer them the drug for a job well done. I used to be a big advocate for the mentally ill working until I recognized the bs behind it. It amounts to temporary employment until the next recession for many and often not very desirable jobs at that.

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Yeah it’s a bulldust thing. Save money don’t pay the poor or marginalised.

It’s the modern world. Economics wins and those who can’t defend themselves are left to their own. Meanwhile the top end of town will get tax breaks to create more jobs. It’s a scam and it’s done by governments but we all buy into the bulldust!


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