A new hobby

I started up an old hobby again, learning another language, Spanish. I have books, a computer program, and CDs. I need to stay true to my path and chose CDs because I like closing my eyes at night in the dark and learning that way. One day I want to do the computer program, it’s free in my area through the library and nearby college.

I didn’t sleep much last night because I napped in the day yesterday but feel awake. I took a walk before sunup and look forward to the Sunday morning shows here in the USA. And I plan on drawing today, so I’m feeling okay. I’m accepting my voices again.


Hmm. . .

Thus Much Is Truth Resting Within Truth’s Desire.

When You Close Your Eyelid’s.

And!, Stare Through Your Pupil’s Into The Void Reaching Beyond The Back’s Of Your Eye’s.

Thus Much Is Truth?.

The Abyss May Stare Back At You?.


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