A new coping skill for those whos voices get too out of control

Yesterday my voices got out of control to the point where I was considering suicide. But my dad suggested a way to cope with them and get them to stop. I am an avid artist. I love to draw things. So my dad suggested to draw myself punishing the voices that get too out of control and threaten to post it publicly with their names on their foreheads. So I drew the picture and I felt so much better… I hope this helps others as well with controlling their voices. So far it is working really well. Comment on this thread and tell me how it goes. Even just stick figures will work, as long as you put their names on their foreheads. Names give you power over them. So yeah, just comment and say how it worked for you. I truly think it may help others.


Ahhh vengeance…


I love it!! did it help at all?

Yeah it did a little bit. My voices aren’t so bad these days. But they used to haunt me every second I was alone. Vengeance.

awesome. I’m glad it helped a bit :smile:

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This is a great idea :slight_smile: I have tried drawing them in the past which was strangely therapeutic but this sounds more fun.

I don’t know about the naming thing though. If they have a name to me it would make them more real. Something I definately don’t want to do.

Mine only said its name once when I was dreaming. The SZ shows itself when im asleep some times. Actual conversations with voices and stuff. Weird ■■■■. Anyways thats how ive identified him since, but only when I do care to identify them.

if you want, just leave it blank. Just the picture of you punishing them is enough.

here is me punishing one of them >:3


I wish I knew how to draw. Id draw the world without color