A mystical scar in my left side forehead

It was 1998 and I was in Costa Rica and my former American woman mentioned 'how did you get that scar in your forehead?. I had not even noticed it, I was 31 years old then. Then Bill Clinton was in news and he had a little bloody scar in his head. I do not know if they ‘■■■■■■’ my brain, because I have never known how this scar came to my forehead. Some people in the past on the net have written that somebody has a microchip in the brain. Just wondering.

My wife had a triangular scar from a laser surgery done on her while sleeping on the couch in 2003…she thinks it was aliens but could also be gov experimentation on her…She worked in surgery while employed with the Air force so knew the medical field…she said it appears whoever or whatever did it took all the layers of skin down to the flesh in a very precision type high tech surgery…i saw the scar just a few days after she got it and I must admit it was baffling at the time to spot that. Now, 11 years later these things are just “normal” occurances when I hear of them.
And yes, my wife was familiar with implants…implants are used by “aliens” and the gov both, and it is difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins since both get blamed for what the other does …

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Interesting to hear that other people have had similar experiences. Back in Sept 1999 in Atlanta I often wrote on the net and then once I received a voice telling me to look at my forehead and that I was the Satan who should be in Moscow. I looked at my forehead in a mirror and I saw this 1cmx1cm X-scar in my forehead, the scar that was mentioned earlier in Costa Rica.

Unethical human experimentation in the United States

Then in the end of Sept 1999 I travelled in New Mexico and two black SUVs tried to trap me, but I did not turn in the way they went, but in the same evening in Taos, NM, I went through some transformation, almost had a heart attack and my mind was reorganized through some ‘self-removal process’ in which I received some intelligence that I was the NSA counter-intelligence agent ‘Juan’ ‘Vladimir’, but I survived and I never saw those black SUVs again.

Yeah, i hear the shaman speak of implants also, aliens performing strange visionary surgeries on them and implanting things.

I think about that often, with all of this technology how would you know witch was witch?

After reading that you brought it to light, we’re all ■■■■■■■ morons.

Like some idiotic soap opera we’re all trapped in.

Had we been advanced things such as that would not be nessecary at all, we’d just work towards happiness.

If you received some message that you were an NSA counter intelligence agent, that might indicate you have been exposed to their program…but I want to ask was there anything ongoing with it? Please dont give details, just can you let us know if you received further messages or carried out any missions you were sent upon?