A move is on the cards

Given recent events staying where I am is not a viable option. My s/daughter is going to ask about my moving to a ground floor flat or if 1st floor then first floor with a lift.She thinks I need extra mental health support, and is pressing for that.For those of us who are (semi)elderly it’s not just about relative remission of DSM/ICD symptoms.


I hope I can get a place of my own soon too. I used to live alone a few years ago. I wonder if I can do it again

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A f*****g awful night. Couldn’t get comfortable at all.Lots of tossing and turning.It would of course help if I wasn’t such a wimp.

I stay in my own place with my girlfriend but wouldn’t be able to live on my own

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I struggle with the stairs and i’m up on the first floor, its not as bad as it was but still

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I’m glad you have your step daughter to fight for you @firemonkey .

It’s not easy getting old but keep moving. Little things matter as you age so try to be mobile if you can. Start small. Move up to better things. You never win but you survive and that is important.

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It’s going to be difficult. Managed to stand for 20 secs with wheelchair just behind me. Wheelchair perhaps too near to be fully upright, but didn’t want it too far away either! A little anxious as have heard of physical decline leading to cognitive decline.

I’m glad you have an advocate.:+1: The way elderly people are treated in the US is disgusting. It seems Europe does it a lot better.

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Social care in the UK is actually rather crap… There’s endless talk about reforming it, but very little is actually done. That means unless you have caring family/stepfamily it’s very likely you’ll get little support.

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