A moral dilemma

I have a coworker, let’s call her S.
She and I get along great, I really like her. But we’ve been in training for 3 weeks and the first thing she does after work is to get drunk. She keeps falling asleep in training and calling in sick for “headaches”.
I’ve talked to my supervisor about it, and he said she’d accepted help. But in my eyes the only change is she’s more unapologetic about it now.
Today something happened. She and I went to the grocery store across the road during lunch, and while we were the she bought a bottle of booze and chugged it down.
She asked me not tell anyone.

I want to keep her as a friend, and if I told the sup, she’d know it was me. But I worry for herz and I worry she’s gonna end up in trouble or lose her job if she doesn’t get her act together.
What should I do?

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If you tell your supervisor tell him to say he smelled it on her breath, then she won’t suspect you said anything.

“What should I do?” - let her find her rock bottom on her own

So, basically nothing. But also don’t cover for her. Usually alcoholics have to get to that place before changes can be made. I say this as a recovering alcoholic myself.


Personally I’d never grass on someone I’m friends with. It’s not really your call. But of course you can have a friendly private word with S.

I’d tell her what I really feel about it and leave it at that. Unless her getting drunk at work can harm innocent people. Then I’d tell her boss, tell her I told her boss, and risk losing the friendship. But it’s up to you.


I’m with @Treebeard on this one. If she can harm anyone, or is driving under the influence, then tell someone. But most call center jobs are not life or death, and at that point it is all down to her performance. If she is doing poorly on calls because she is drunk, she will get in trouble all on her own. You don’t need to do anything to facilitate that.

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Though, honestly, if call centers there work like call centers here, as long as she remembers to wear clothes in the office and stick mostly to the script, they wouldn’t fire her. My friend who works in a call center says she has seen coworkers take shrooms at their desks and only get a brief “you shouldn’t do that” from management.

Maybe try to get that point through directly to her before talking to the boss. Of course that will only work if she’s willing to listen

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