A moment of peace

I often think about how I want life to be different, especially since I got negative symptoms. Want to see my relatives in China, want a job like all the other young people dressed in suits, want to travel somewhere else. I’m always trying too hard… Today I took the bus out to town and the sky was such a pale blue and looked so large and peaceful. The cars are slow, everyone seems to be talking slower. I didn’t want to be someone else or somewhere else. I think I found some inner peace. What brings you inner peace? Have you found it?


Good for you! These days spending time with friends and family is great. I don’t mind my life…yeah it could be better but I don’t mind the medicated life at all. So I guess I’m pretty content!

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I think my inner peace is when I’m in my artistic muse with my hobbies, or when I’ve come across a great piece of knowledge.

No 2 people are the same. Everyone’s path is different. I’m happy you’ve reached a peaceful state of mind. It truly is a blessing!

Take care :v:

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