A minor change in your life that would make a big difference

If my dogs didn’t bark so much,

It would make a massive impact on my life.

I have a lot of guests at the house and it’d be so much better if my dogs didn’t bark at them constantly.

And when I leave the house they bark and whine,

Making me feel guilty.

It’s a small change, but would mean the world to me.

What about you?

What minor change would you make?


If i had curly hair i would feel better

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My hair is straight now matter what I do.

My husband has SUPER curly hair and my son has some nice texture and wave.

It’s not fair.

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I’d just like to get past my current weight loss plateau. It’s demoralizing.


More pink grapefruit.

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Either a self cleaning house, or the money to have someone clean it.

For me, cleaning is the absolute hardest, most stressful, awful thing I have to do with my life. It just completely ruins it for me.


I’d like to be more disciplined. Minor change huge results


I wish I could permanently remove my facial hair.

Shaving is a PITA and I always nick myself.

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I would love to be able to quit having cheat meals on my diet that lead into cheat days, then cheat weeks, and cheat months…I wish I had better discipline.

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