A Million Dollars Isn't What It Used to Be

So if you think that winning millions in the lottery means that you can quit your job, buy a mansion, get the best looking wife or husband and buy a big boat in the Ocean think again. A sizable amount of money would go to the IRS and the interest on a bank account is currently near 1%. A mansion would cost millions, a boat would cost at least a million, and someone who married you for the money would likely eventually cost half. If you didn’t have a job the money would bleed away and the cost of meds these days are as high as a thousand or 2 a month at least. Being rich in America amounts to having billions and winning millions in a lottery is not a guarantee of security. Plus playing the stock market is a risky proposition along with all investments you may make. When you complain about an athlete making millions take that into consideration. To paraphrase Chris Rock, “An athlete is rich. The guy who signs his check is wealthy.”


■■■■ banks, yo. I hate the interest rate. It’s completely pointless.

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