A method to deal with self-harming thoughts

A new working method, that works for my own good, against the self-harming thoughts has been found. When a harming thought appears in my mind, I throw it into a automatic box. The automatic box is there to deal with everything negative. It works for me very well.


What’s an “automatic box”?
Where do you keep it and what do you do when it’s time to clean it out?
Could it take on a life of it’s own once full and seek revenge?
Do you have to lock it up and bolt it down?

Just curious.

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It’s located at top of my concious. It just is a box that “isolates” the seed of self-harming thought. The box never gets full, because your memory is not located at the same place.


Like this idea!

My secret was to know that it was not myself that I intended to harm.

That took a lot of time. I had to figure out what schizophrenia really was all about. To do that you have to know of everything that surrounds it. Thus you have to figure out what consciousness is and how to create it, and figure out what reality is and how to create it. It is then that you fully understand that which has been titled as schizophrenia.

What really sucks then is that you can’t share the details with anyone.

Once you have worked your way to the top, there is only one way to stay there.

That’s right, you have to appear to the world to be a delusional nutcase.