A memorable relapse


I had four months sober. All it took was an office party and a little peer pressure for me to crack.

The office party was a farewell get together as our company had just laid everyone off. It came at a time when I quit my other job for performance reasons. I had in these four months turned down the chance to use on several occasions. I let my guard down when my (former) co-worker showed me her secret Santa gift- a jar of pot! Four months had elapsed since I last used but I made the decision to break sobriety.

If you are familiar with my posts, you might know that I am a proponent of cbd rich mj (hence the username). But this was thc heavy mj and immediately I began to dissociate. I went completely bonkers at the bar with my former co-workers. It was so much fun but I probably freaked the bejeezers out of everyone. The"quiet" me had morphed into a beast.

Fast forward to today and I do not regret what took place that night. Odds are I won’t see any of them again and if I do at least we will have something to talk about. I don’t intend to use again as I was kinda manic the two to three days since. Was it worth it? My heart says yes but my head says no. In my book, the heart wins.


Its so easy to forget that stuff is illegal in the first place. No harm no foul though. Even with psychosis its effects are pretty short term, familiar, and easy to come down from. I wouldn’t regret it to much but there is something to say about sobriety. IT SUCKS LOL JK