A meat-eating toddler

Does that little mind know enough not to bite (eat) people?

WHAT??? Are you talking about?

I’m saying, if served meat at the table, they develop a taste for eating flesh or get sick.

Access to ankles, maybe.

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My daughter had vegan friends in school who didn’t get sick from not eating meat

I meant getting sick from eating meats.

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All I know is that this thread made me take out some ribeyes to defrost.


You are an onery cuss, @velociraptor Is this the way of testosterone?

Makes me crave moar brainzzzz!


So would a toddler know the difference between a turkey meal vs a turkey-sized baby?


It is the way of the carnivore!

(Ribeyes are in the sous vide now.)

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Where did you learn about sous vide?

I say “NO” they don’t. Even my 3 1/2-year-old niece tried to drag her year-old sister down the staircase, by her feet, We can assume too much when it comes to little minds.

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I follow a lot of food blogs and food channels on Youtube.

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I don’t know how young this toddler is, but maybe you could puree the meat so that the kid doesn’t choke on it.

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