A lot of us are on SSDI, thoughts on UBI? Universal Basic Income?


Personally I don’t think it will end civilization, but then again… Thoughts?


It will never happen. That’s one thing I’m confident about.

It would be competition for us.


Never heard of it.


If it ever happens, and I mean if, it should replace any form of welfare in my opinion. So SSDI wouldn’t even exist. But I don’t think it’s a very smart idea to begin with, and I don’t believe it will happen.

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I dont know where you live. It will never happen in the usa


To support Universal Basic Income, an increase in taxing the wealthiest 1% of the population would have to occur. However, with tax laws in the US being revamped, it’s highly unlikely taxes will be able to support or pay for all those who would qualify for UBI.

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I believe it may happen in 30-40 years.
Technology needs to advance a lot more with ai.

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Sure. If only a few people control 99% of wealth. Think asteroid mining.

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UBI will never happen. Only the fittest humans will survive while those unfortunate humans will perish. This is a law of nature.

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Didn’t they try this already? Don’t remember where. But I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to Google. But if I remember correctly when the news came back on the studies, it wasn’t successful.


Probably ends like elysium the movie…

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I’m just fed up with the inequality.

For me to be as rich as the richest, I would have to save every penny of my annual disability income for 13,444,170 years.

Does that seen fair ???

There is minimum wage, but there is no such a thing as a maximum wage.

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The wealthiest do not have a wage. They own shares, earn dividends and spend by withdrawing from the drawings account of their business(es).

The rich earn their income by a different set of rules; however, they still have to pay taxes.


Funny how the richest in the world payed no taxes for the second year.


They pay more in taxes for being more successful. We punish success.


I would rather say that financial success is taxed so that the redistribution of wealth is provided for all social economic classes.


There are loop holes in the tax code of every country which is why some rich people don’t pay their fair share of taxes.


Can anyone guess what Jeff Bezos’ salary was in 2018? Don’t google, just guess.

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I don’t know his salary but I do know his net worth is $118 billion USD.

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His salary was $81,840.