A lot of changes in my life right now

So a lot of things are changing in my life and I’m trying to accept them and soldier on. I guess the one thing above all else there’s two people who either worked at or in association with the recovery center that I really miss. They are our occupational therapist and our first music therapist. They brought such life to the place and were equal amounts fun and substance. I certainly didn’t guarantee on madly falling for both of them my first year back there, but I should have seen it coming in hindsight. And I mean, what right-thinking, mature man wouldn’t fall for that even somewhat. I mean a woman could be a voluptuous vixen, but if she has a heart of stone, any man would run the other way. They are successful, dynamic and happy women and the men that are with them are as lucky as hell. I also think though, that the end of the recovery center is drawing nigh. I mean it really is true when they say that you never know how happy you are/were until after the fact. I’m really thankful for being able to share our stories and the friendships that were forged there. I just wish it didn’t hurt like hell.

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Well, you’re capable of having those feelings, so that’s good. But I hate having crushes.