A Look Inside the Textbooks That Florida Rejected

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I have to create an account to read that,
and I’m not going to.

I’m very interested though, since this has been
all over the news the last couple of days.

could you give me the gist, though.

Until recently, the idea of building social-emotional skills was a fairly uncontroversial one in American education. Research suggests that students with these skills earn higher test scores.

But right-wing activists like Chris Rufo, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, have sought to tie social-emotional learning to the broader debate over the teaching of race, gender and sexuality in classrooms.

In a March interview conducted over email, Mr. Rufo stated that while social-emotional learning sounds “positive and uncontroversial” in theory, “in practice, SEL serves as a delivery mechanism for radical pedagogies such as critical race theory and gender deconstructionism.”

“The intention of SEL,” he continued, “is to soften children at an emotional level, reinterpret their normative behavior as an expression of ‘repression,’ ‘whiteness,’ or ‘internalized racism,’ and then rewire their behavior according to the dictates of left-wing ideology.”

Mr. Rufo also raised concerns that social-emotional learning requires teachers “to serve as psychologists, which they are not equipped to do.”

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida has spoken more generally about social-emotional learning as a distraction, in his view, from math itself.

“Math is about getting the right answer,” he said at a Monday news conference, adding, “It’s not about how you feel about the problem.”

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well its not race theory and those look like pretty good text books. they look to be teaching math in a totally new way than they dud when i was in school. like social problem solving. i actually would have enjoyed math class with these text books.


Only in florida….

Guess we really don’t care about free speech and censorship.

These ideas and legislation are spreading all over multiple states.

Creating civilian vigilantes suing anybody they want that doesn’t have the same views as them. Both the anti-abortion and Don’t say gay bills are gonna spread across the country,

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