A long road to looney ville!

a person i know went into the local town, she was having a mental health problem, she could get no help.
then an ambulance was called so she was driven two hours to the bigger town, where she was told she could not stay in the mental hospital because of lack of beds and a nurse told her " she would probably be worse off if she stayed due to a certain type of mentaly ill people in the ward…
then a taxi was called so she was driven back two hours to the first town where she stayed for three days in the local hospital , untill she felt better.
it was a waste of her time, and goverment money. amazing.
take care

The help services are often fragmented.

As you are aware, the USA has Democrats and Republicans, and the two have become polarized. One Democratic family member argued with me that the Republicans do not care if mental health services are efficiently delivered or not. His argument was that a Republican legislator simply makes up his mind how much he’s going to spend on mental health services, say 5 Billion dollars, and that is it. He simply spends that money, and when it’s gone, he’s done.

I dunno.


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I think my story is funny, and it would be funny if it wasn’t me

my father was a police officer, and my ex husband was like Pee Wee Herman.
so my family, in their fully freaked out stigmatized state, had me committed because I was crazy with a gun, and my ex husband, the Pee Wee Herman porn addict said I’d shoot him if I had a gun

so the judge committed me and I was on a ‘dangerous’ lockdown.

I wasn’t even allowed to say my Dad was a cop, so we’ve always had a gun in the house, its his job. and I wasn’t allowed to testify that they brought Pee Wee Herman in. Who wouldn’t shoot Pee Wee Herman if he was alone your with 2 teenage girls. However, I was married to the fruit, and he knew where the gun was too.

total bill was over $30,000, what a waste

will the real looney stand up!

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I think its funny to. so much so that my brain is still laughing at a few of the things you said. Especially about being not aloud to speak about certain things FUNNY! :smiley:


However, i look back over the thread and i start to have thoughts about the american medical system, most desertions in this thread are right to my knowledge, the medical systems are broken up and there’s a lack of continuity

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