A little tip for those with back problems and Medicare

I’ve had a bad back problem for years now. It’s degenerative and it got particularly bad this past two years and bending over to clip my toenails was an ordeal. It got especially hard in the last 6 months where it was causing me great pain. Then I discovered Medicare will pay a podiatrist to cut my nails every three months. Problem solved! I went to my podiatrist about a month ago and he clipped my toenails and did a great job so I will go back to him every there months. I guess if you have any mobility issues or if you are elderly Medicare will pay for a podiatrist to cut your toenails, free of charge to you.


Not just US.

My dad does the same thing over here in Australia! If your a senior ask your GP about what is accessible and affordable for you!


Yes, we got a podiatrist to come over our house to cut and clean up my fathers toe nails
We stopped though because it was near impossible to make an appointment with them.
I’ve called a few times to make an appointment and they never got back to me


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