A little tale/tail

There’s two girls living together as roommates. One of them has a speech impediment and is so shy about it that she almost never goes out. Her roommate decides to try to help her by fixing her up on a blind date.

The guy comes over Saturday night and picks up the girl and takes her to the county fair. They’re strolling along, passing the game booths and the food booths and the guy turns to the girl and says, “What do you want to do?”
She replies, “I want to get weighed.” So he takes her to the booth where if they can’t guess your weight, then you win a prize. She steps on the scale and the carny guesses wrong so she wins a stuffed animal.

They walk away and 5 minutes later the guy turns to the girl and says, “What do you want to do now?” She says, “I want to get weighed”. He thinks, " That’s pretty weird", but he takes her back, the fair worker can’t guess her weight she wins another stuffed animal. They walk off and he asks her again but by this time he’s fed up with how the dates going and he tells himself, " If she says that one more time, that’s it. This date is over". He asks her one more time what she wants to do.

She says, " I want to get weighed". He loses it. He blows up in anger, grabs her by the hand drags her to the booth; another stuffed animal. He grabs her hand, pulls her angrily to the car and drives her home while silently fuming.
The girl gets inside and her roommate says, " How did the date go"
The girl replies, “Wousy.”


Hey, did you tell that one once before? Seems familiar. Still good though.

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I don’t get it.

I tell it about once a year when the mood strikes me.

Speech impediment. Wousy = lousy

oh lol, when you explain that then i get it… it’s a good story =D

“I want to get leighed” (purposely misspelled)

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