A little story. not a car guy

my first car was a used sports car. I got a good deal on it, it was only $6000 dollars but ran like a dream, I drove it all over the country. but after some time my thinking began to change. I started seeing the car as a curse. well I was living out of it for a year, I was delivering newspapers really early in the morning, and I couldn’t get ahead to rent a room somewhere, all my money was going to gas, insurance, and food. so eventually I ended up leaving it in long term parking at the Portland international airport in Oregon. I boarded a flight to phoenix Arizona and began to live on the street for a little while. I went to phoenix because it was warmer obviously. eventually my brother’s, brother in law took me in and let me stay with him for a little while. I have so much guilt over accepting his invitation but it got off me off the street for a week. he got ahold of my dad and dad drove out to phoenix to take me back home. but first he made me go back to Portland to get my car out of long term parking. I hated that car by then.

when I got home it was important to me to get rid of that thing, so I wouldn’t have anything holding me back. I sold it for $800 cash to a car guy who wanted to fix it up and restore, it was a good deal for him. I was so happy to be rid of that thing. I also started to research bicycle friendly cities, where I could get around without a car. one city I took a greyhound to visit was davis, California. which I read on the internet was one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the country. anyway I got there and checked out the place but decided I couldn’t afford to live there as I had no savings at that point. so I continued to stew here in my hometown dreaming of greener pastures.

at the moment I don’t have a car, but drive dad’s car a few times a week, like 6 miles a day roundtrip to the grocery and back. but I can’t give up this idea of living without a car and moving somewhere more bicycle friendly. so that is now my main focus, is to give up my license when it expires in 2024 and just bicycle everywhere. I don’t know where I could go, maybe Louisville, Kentucky. maybe south bend, Indiana. somewhere affordable for me with a bicycle culture. that is my main focus. wish me luck.

story over.


Are you able to save up in the meantime so you can get a place in a bicycle friendly town?

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yeah that is the plan. actually south bend is not very expensive. Louisville has a little higher cost of living but it’s doable. I will work for the next 4 years at least and drive to and from work. then maybe make a move. I just need some patience, I have strong urges to uproot and move on now but I have to be smart about it. if I get a job locally I could still ride a bicycle to work a little while longer as I save up for a downpayment on a house or condo in a city. I may end up in Jeffersonville, Indiana, which is right across the river from Louisville but there is a pedestrian bridge connecting the two cities. and it would be a little warmer in the winter.

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Sounds like you have a great plan! I’m happy for you! :slight_smile:


Have you thought of a bus friendly city? Here I can pay 2 dollars for an all day pass or 12 dollars for the month … Denver is a nice place :blush:

It’s also easy to get into an apartment rent (here for example) runs average $550 a month including utilities… Maybe you could get on SSI then work part time? :thinking::upside_down_face:

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Denver is nice, but I thought it was too expensive for me.

How are you? Are you stable, and on your meds? You mentioned that you USED TO think that you wanted to live somewhere else. Hon, you’ve been talking about this lately.

I just want you to be healthy. I apologize if this isn’t warranted. :hugs:

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I hope you get your hopes and dreams fulfilled

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