A little poem book

I know that many people here have posted their poems on the forum within one year. I have posted over 40 poems. It would be fun to compile a little poem book of all these poems. What do you think?

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I’m for it. Would it be - the poems of 2014?

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I briefly used the search function to see what kind of poems have been written. There are some very nice poems, but the problem seems to be that the search function does not allow to go through all poems. There was the time when people collected schizophrenic art works and so why not poems too. I do not know how to get all these poems written in 2014.

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Use Google.

Keyword: poem site:forum.schizophrenia.com

For example, 184 results returned with

You should target the schizophrenic market. Sz’s have some buying power.