A little person in the Soviet Union

I watch outside and see the great complex of big apartment buildings,
similar to one in which I live,
I see thousands of people living in the concrete jungle,
people similar to me with the same clothing bought in the same store,
I see no foreigners here, just Soviets,
have heard great stories from elsewhere in the world,
people using computers and something that is called the Internet,
these things are so far from my life,
far from my neighbors’ and friends’ lives,
why is it like this?
we stayed behind the technological advancement,
little people like myself watching outside in the concrete wilderness.
living with thousands of little people like myself,
continuing our little lives,
the destiny is unknown.

I’d hate to see Russia full of hungry people who feel like they have little to lose.

I met you my dear Soviet friend long time ago
then you commented that all autos are owned by the government
you wanted us to tell the world how badly things are
and so we did, the world changed
it collapsed rapidly, your society I mean
it became a strange wilderness,
people not knowing what to do, where to go
but little by little it improved
allowing you to own autos too
and you indeed did that
in this new world, your new society.

I remember as a little kid in the 80’s I had this globe and I can remember looking at the Soviet Union, it was so big compared to the US and so…red. I remember wondering what made them the “bad guys”. I remember I asked my dad and he just said that the government owned everything, there was no freedom and everyone had to work for the common good, which he said was a noble idea but didn’t work as well as our system.

Not a communist or anything but I hate our system.