A Little Humor

Ok, so I felt a bit inspired…

Where I work we have a store, inside the store there is fruit for sale with tin letters that used to spell out F R U I T right in front of the baskets of fruit, you know, so people know what the hell fruit is.

Anyway, I decided yesterday to make a little change:

Well I thought this was pretty funny so I walked away and sent the pic to some friends yesterday. Now my friend had another suggestion that I thought was just a bit funnier than mine, my decorating was still the same way as I left it yesterday when I went in today so I thought I would change it just a tad to what my friend suggested:

My only regret is I couldn’t stand it upright and do this while invisible as I am on camera I believe. Still, I can’t see harm in doing this but there are people who don’t like jokes I guess.

Anyone think I will get in trouble for this ha?


Come on guys, how has this not been commented on yet?

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I think it’s hilarious!

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@JustTrish hey how’s it going? I am trying to get some people to laugh, this coronavirus stuff is too heavy to always talk about.

Now next matter of business, how much money do you think was spent/wasted on those 5 letters? I want a couple guesses before I say ha.

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Up all night, but in good spirits. I have no idea on the price of the letters. Lol

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I am in the start of a Microsoft Teams meeting, so far 15 min of introductions has happened, I am just wanting to be out of work and to be with my kids though, especially since it’s a Friday.

Do you have any plans? Not that anyone really does anymore ha.

Now we are at an intermission point and I have lost almost all confidence in my abilities to do my job using the work order system we are going to be using. I just wish something could be easy for me, everything is a challenge and I am at probably my max level of stress.

If I didn’t distract myself with humor I would have cracked so many times by now, hell I already have cracked I just don’t know what to do, I want to give up so bad but I just can’t.

Hey, hon,

It’s not a permanent solution, but having something to distract yourself may get you through. I started smoking again, and I read or watch stuff on YouTube. Because the rec hall is closed to tenants coronawise, I nearly ran out of books. Charlene called me yesterday and told me she had a bag of books. I just got them.

I’ve been physically I’ll for a few days. I have no plans. Tennessee had the highest new case statistics since the onset. I’d rather be bored than deal with Corona virus.

Keep your chin up. Use humor. I do. :blush:

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I am doing my best, I just don’t know how to keep going it’s day by day hour by hour every minute struggle sometimes and I just wish I could handle stuff better.

My drinking ramped up a bit much lately and I have to stop getting drunk to get out of situations in my head. I get no relief from smoking so I won’t be smoking but I can definitely see how it helps some cope and I hope you can manage your own stress going forward.

We will all get through this, I mean that’s what everyone always says at least ha.

Thanks for talking to me, I am still stumped that nobody else is liking my decorating ideas ha.

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I remember once asking for help and no one replied. I think your posts are funny. Don’t take it personally.

If I can help, let me know. You can do this!

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Thanks @JustTrish , I have been in the same place with more serious threads with nobody replying like you were saying. We are all more or less in a similar situation with each of us having our own problems.

Have a good night!

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